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How to Become the Ultimate Tourist in Rome

If you’re passionate about traveling and want to get the most out of your visit to Rome, the Citycard Rome is your go-to guide.

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What is the Citycard Rome?

This Citycard Rome is your virtual 2 or 3-day guide through Rome which will help you enjoy the best of what the Eternal city has to offer. The Comune di Roma’s authorities offer the Citycard to encourage tourists to visit the cultural sites and to educate all visitors about the amazing history of the city.

The Citycard can be purchased online or from the centre of Rome at a very reasonable price. It offers unlimited access to public transportation in the city, special discounts to different museums and archaeological locations, as well as premium passes for certain sites.

You can visit the Colosseum and the Castle Sant’Angelo without having to pay for a ticket or wait in line. To admire the Borghese Gallery and Valentini Palace you should book your free visit.

The Citycard comes with a very detailed map of Rome indicating its main attractions and best ways to reach them. It includes guidelines of the subway routes as well as for the Appia Antica and Ostia Antica sites. You’ll also receive a booklet of the current events, shows, and exhibitions which offer discounts for tourists holding the Citycard.

Get Your Rome Citycard


Pros & Cons

The Citycard Rome offers great benefits to visitors. By purchasing the Citycard Rome you’ll benefit from:

  • Free access to Rome’s attractions and skip-the-line advantage;
  • Free entry to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican;
  • Discounts and free access to the best museums as well as any current events or shows;
  • Unlimited and free access to public transportation;
  • Free bus tours around Rome as well as a map and travel schedules;
  • Discounts at exhibitions and shops which are members of the Citycard’s program.

However, the Citycard Rome has two major disadvantages including the short validity period of either 48 hours or 72 hours and its inapplicability to children and adolescents.

Top 3 attractions in Rome

The Colosseum is an incredible landmark of the Ancient Rome. Its shape is emulated today by the main sports arenas worldwide, which are based on the Roman architectural layout. The construction of the Colosseum was started in 72 AD by Vespasian and finished by Titus, his son who added an extra forth story to it. This monument was inaugurated in 80 AD and hosted various festivals, games and theatrical plays.

The Vatican, which is the smallest state in the world, is only about half a square kilometer in size. It encloses the Vatican Palace and its gardens, the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican is ruled by the Pope who is the Supreme Chief of all Catholics worldwide.

St. Peter’s Basilica is an amazing attraction in Rome. It contains the marvelous work of art of Michelangelo, the Pieta, as well as Bernini’s masterpieces.

Before We Go

The best way to avoid any queues and enjoy your experience in Rome is to buy your Citycard Rome online. You’ll benefit from what Rome has best to offer. Have a wonderful visit with Citycard Rome!

Get Your Rome Citycard

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