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A city card New York is a pass that allows you to visit more than 80 different attractions in New York City. You experience a lot of comfort by just a swipe at the entrance.

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Benefits of the New York City Card

Admission at attractive sites that are always crowded can be hectic. Nevertheless, this card has made it easy for you. The following are some of its heavenly benefits:

  • It gives you a vast selection of attractive sites to choose from
  • Offers different options for time increment. You can purchase either for 1, 2, 3,4,5,7 or 10 days
  • In case of anything, you are refunded 4.5% of the price of the card
  • Helps save time at the busy attraction sites like the Top of the rock by offering you the favour to jump the line
  • The card is activated immediately you swipe it at your first attraction site
  • Comes with an English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch travel booklet

Disadvantages of the City Card

However, the card has the following shortcomings:

  • Can only be used at one attraction site at a time hence, it can’t be shared
  • Doesn’t apply the 24 -hour system, but uses the calendar dates. For instance, if you purchase the one-day city card and your first attraction is at 2 pm, it will expire at midnight that day and not 2 pm on the following day.
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Top 3 Attractions in New York

New York is the centre for culture, history and fun. The following are the three most attractive sites you should check out.

1) Statue of Liberty

It is a gift to the US from France. From the top, you will be able to see Brooklyn and Gustave Eiffel’s supportive strategy.

2) Top of the rock

Also referred to as the Empire State Building, it attracts millions of visitors annually. On a clear day, one can get a view of Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

3) National September 11 Memorial

It was constructed as a remembrance and honour of people who died during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack.


The New York City Card offers you more than 80 attractive sites in the New York to choose from. With the card, you have a privilege to skip the line at some attractive sites hence, saving time.

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